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Ear, Nose and Throat:
GACEK=2015=Antiviral Treatment of Meniere's Disease
2013--Gustav Joyce --Idiopathic Rhinitis
Gacek: A Place Principle for Vertigo
Mona Lisa
Operating room noise
Headlight burns
Academic productivity in otolaryngology
Beethoven's deafness

Vestibular Neuritis:
2013--GACEK--\vestibular neuritis, Meniere & BPPV
VESTIBULAR NEURONITIS -1952-Original article Dix & Hallpike at Royal Soc Med
HH - Vestibular Neuritis -- 2012
Gacek: Efferent System Degeneration in Vestibular Ganglionitis
Guyot - Room tilt illusion in peripheral vestibular disorders
Gacek: A Place Principle for Vertigo
PGE --Polyganglionitis Episodica
2003 - Vestibular Neuritis - Baloh
2004 - Vestibular Neuritis - Halmagyi - Lecture
Guyot & Malis - Room tilt illusion in Acute Peripheral disorders - 2003
Sudden Unilateral Vestibular Loss - McCabe, etc
Acute Bilateral Sequential Vest Neuritis -2003- Schuknecht&Witt
2002--Inferior Vestibular Neuritis

Viruses in ENT:
Evidence of a Gustatory-Vestibular Pathway For Protein Transport
2013--GACEK--Valacyclovir Treatment
The Little Green Bible - 2002 - Gacek & Gacek
Cytomegalovirus - hearing loss
Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) and Viral Infections
Interaction between stress and immune-related disease - A stepwise progression
Guyot - Role of Virus in Inner Ear Disorders
ENT Manifestations of Systemic Virus Disease
PGE --Polyganglionitis Episodica

Dizziness and Imbalance:
HH- Lecture notes of Gacek's Place Principle for Vertigo
Dizziness - serotonin
Dizziness bedside evaluation - misconceptions
Dizziness online - Victoria Hospital Australia
Diuzziness - The Neurologist approach - Dieterich
Bedside Evaluation of Dizziness - Johns Hopkins
Chronic subjective dizziness - Switzerland
Chronic subjective dizziness - Ruckenstein
Differential diagnosis Dizziness - Toronto
Chronic Dizziness - 2010 - Bronstein & Lempert
Gacek: A Place Principle for Vertigo
Balance exercizes - Berkshire Hospital
The Balance System - How it Functions - Epley
Die Ewewigsisteem - Hoe dit werk - Epley
1976 - Jongkees: Fysiologie & Onderzoek van het Evenwichtsorgaan
Vestibular Function & Anatomy - slides
2003 - Dizziness - Cass: Insights in Practice
Disequilibrium of Aging -1 - Schuknecht +, Baloh & Honrubia
Disequilibrium of Aging -2-- (Figures)

Phobic Postural Vertigo:
1996 - PPV - Brandt
1999 - PPV - Brandt
Strupp & Brandt: Vertigo as a Psychogenic Disorder
2008 - PPV --Review article - Strupp & Brandt
Fobiese Posturale Vertigo--Afr
Phobic PPV--Eng
PPV - Strupp
PPV--Brandt & Strupp - Course of the illness
The Balance system: How it Functions - Epley
Die Ewewigsisteem: Hoe dit werk - Epley

Meniere Syndrome:
2013--GACEK--A Perspective on recurrent Vertigo
2013--GACEK--Valacyclovir for Treating Meniere Disease
What Should a Primitive Surgeon Know About Meniere's Patients?
Gacek: Meniere disease is a viral neuropathy
Gacek: A Place Principle for Vertigo
PGE --Polyganglionitis Episodica
HH-MENIERE -2--Cause of Meniere Syndrome
HH--MENIERE SYNDROME--3-- Treatment -a
HH--MENIERE SYNDROME -4--Treatment -b
HH + Adour--Polyganglionitis Episodica (PGE)
ADOUR - VIRUSES--Epstein-Barr, HSV-1, H-zoster
HH - MENIERE -1 - Introduction to Meniere syndrome
Vincent van Gogh's violent vertigo
Meniere Sindroom - Afr - Kliniese Beeld
Die Oorsaak van Menière Sindroom
HH - Meniere Sindroom - Afr -Behandeling
MENIERE Sindroom - Afr-Kort-1

The Medical Profession:
The Practice of Medicine an Industry or a Profession--?

Facial Nerve palsy,Bell's palsy, etc:
2013--GACEK--Ganglion cells in Facial Nerve
MIMETHERAPIE - ENT Dept, University. Amsterdam (dutch language)
Management of Bell's Palsy - 2010-Kluge, Hofmeyr & Hamersma
Mimetherape - ENT Dept Univ Amsterdam
Bell's palsy - Histopathology findings - Gacek
Herpes zoster facial palsy - MRI - Korea
Eye Care in Facial paralysis - Quinn
Ramsay Hunt Facial Paralysis - Histopathological Findings
Mime therapy fo sequelae of facial paralysis (contractures, etc) - Beurskens
Mime Therapy - one year follow-up - Beurskens
Peitersen (Denmark) - 2500 cases of Facial Paralysis
Bell's palsy before Bell - Observations in 1681
Mona Lisa
Mona Lisa
2007--Bells Palsy --Adour--UTMB
2011 - Zoster (Ramsay Hunt syndrome) - Prognostic factors
Iatrogenis injury --Pensak
Iatrogenic paralysis - Naumann
HH - Facial Electrodiagnosis - 1
HH - Facial - Electrodiagnosis - 2
HH - FACIAL - Electrodiagnosis - 3
HH - FACIAL - Electrodiagnosis - 4
HH - FACIAL - Electrodiagnosis - 5
HH - Bell's palsy - 1
HH - Bell's palsy - 2
Bell's Palsy--A-neglected condition--1989

Marble Bone Disease , Sclerosteosis, Osteopetrosis, etc:
2011--Sclerostin values in 19 Sclerosteosis patients and 26 disease carriers.
2002--Van Buchem disease gene identified
1979--Sclerosteosis in South Africa
2001--Sclerosteosis gene Identified
1979--Osteopetrosis in South Africa
1970--Marble bone disease of the temporal bone
2003--Sclerosteosis - Natural History
The radiology of sclerosteosis
CICERO - Net closes around bone disease of URK
CICERO - Net Sluit Zich Rond Urker Botaandoening
The syndromic status of sclerosteosis and van Buchem disease
Sclerosing bone dysplasias: neurologic assessment and management
The Clinical Features of Sclerosteosis
Sclerosteosis: neurosurgical experience with 14 cases

Benign Paroxysmal Positioning Vertigo:
2003--GACEK--BPPV Revisited
2013--GACEK--Valacyclovir for BPPV
CHILDHOOD--Benign Paroxysmal Vertigo--1999--Sweden
CHILDHOOD-Benign Paroxysmal Vertigo- Basser 1964
CHILDHOOD--Benign Paroxs Vertigo - Long term outcome-2010-France
BPPV--horizontal--geotropic--2001--Appiani et al -
BPPV--horizontal--2009--Gufoni Manoeuvre--Salvatore et al
BPPV - repeat the test
Mountain biking & BPPV - Haeusler & Vibert - Bern
BPPV - Information by Berkshire Hospital
BPPV - Dix - Hallpike Test
BPPV - Self Treatment - Berlin - 2006
2008--Hain--Self treatment effective?
2007 - Gacek: A Place Principle for Vertigo
2003 - Gacek: BPPV revisited
HH - BPPV - 2
HH - BPPV - 3
HH - BPPV - 4
HH - BPPV -5
HH - BPPV - 6
HH - BPPV - 1

The Ethical Tariff
2002 - Stephen Mulholland: Ethics and Morality

2013--Gustav Joyce--Idiopathic Rhinitis

Balance tests:
Robert Barany
Caloric Test in Space: Clarke & Scherer - 1985
Controversies on the Caloric Response - Stahle - 1990
2004 - Halmagyi m- New Balance Tests for Unilateral Vest Dysfunction

Hearing tests:
Tuning fork tests - A Forgotten Art - Shambaugh
Tuning fork tests pre-op for stapes surgery - Silverstein
Tuning fork 512 Hz
Tuning fork tests - German - (English abstract)

Anatomy and Physiology:
SMELL: Anatomy & Physiology
Physiology of Equilibrium - McCabe, etc.
Vestibular Function & Anatomy --slides
Jongkees--Fysiologie en Onderzoek van het Evenwichtorgaan - 1976

Hearing loss:
Noise-Induced Hearin Loss - Medial Olivocochlear system-Johns Hopkins University

Outer Ear:

Ear Canal:
Exostoses of the Ear Canal

Middle Ear:

Inner ear:
Gacek - Efferent System Degeneration
HH (Afrikaans) - Gacek: Virale Neuropatie in die Temporale Been
Gacek - Viral Neuropathies in the Temporal Bone
Noise-Induced Auditory Neuropathy - 2011- Johns Hopkins University
Harold F Schuknecht and Pathology of the Ear - Baloh
Physiology of Equilibrium - McCabe
Vest Physiology - McCabe

Acoustic Neuroma:
CP-angle tumours--Univ Texas - Dr Quinn
Postop Hearing after Middle Fossa Approach
Malignancy after Irradiation of acoustic neuromas

Twenty years of Psychoneiroimmunology (PNI)
Stress and Psychoneuroimmunology Revisited
2006 - Viral infections and Psychoneuroimmunology - 20 years publications
Understanding interaction between psychosocial stress and immune-related disease
Psychological Stress and Atopic Dermatitis - Therapeutic Updates - 2012
Can Psychological Interventions Modulate Immunity?
Impact of Psychological Stress on Wound Healing - Methods and Mechanisms - 2011

Cochlear Implants:

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